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NYC Boudoir Photographer | Say “Thank You”!

A few years ago my friend Lance gave me a compliment. I don’t quite remember what he said, I do however remember that my rebuttal to him involved everything but “Thank You”.

How many times have you done that? Someone tells you that your hair looks nice and you answer with “Oh please, I need a haircut” or that you look really great and you say “If I only lost a few pounds imagine how good I would really look”.

You get where I am going with this. For some reason it is hard for us to take a compliment. Maybe we assume it’s narcissistic to agree with those dishing out the compliment. Maybe we just don’t feel our best in the moment. I am sure we all have plenty of long winded reasons to deny compliments, what if you didn’t argue it…

Think about it this way, when you don’t say “Thank You” you might actually be insulting the giver.

When someone compliments you, they are showing your genuine love. They are taking time out to notice you. To make you feel good. When you get a compliment it’s because you have made someone else happy. They want to share that feeling with you. By denying the compliment you are telling that person you don’t want to share in the love. That they don’t know what they are talking about. That their feelings aren’t valid.

When you think of it that way, how can you NOT say “Thank You”?

When I am photographing a woman, I NEVER give a compliment that I don’t mean. I adore watching a woman own her femininity shamelessly. I love creating an environment that she can do that in. Seeing her flourish and say “Thank You” to me when I compliment her fills my heart and feeds my soul. Compliments are powerful for both the giver and receiver. Try it! Give a compliment today to someone, especially when they least expect it. Most importantly, say “Thank You” when you get one back.

So Lance… Thank you! For your compliments and your friendship and your awesome tour of Austin when I was in town (oh and triple thank you for the cinnamon roll pancakes that I am still burning off but were so worth it). Mostly thank you for teaching me to say “Thank You” and allowing me to enjoy in your happiness.

Thankfully yours,

PS… If you are reading this.. thank you for your love and support and know I love you so much too!).


(Thanks again to Lance for snapping this image)

  • Liz Fox - Great post Jen and thank you for being awesome :) ReplyCancel

NYC Boudoir Photography | My Favorite Feminine Things

This week I will be packing for WPPI. I will be in Vegas for a week. During that week there will be lots of education, networking and of course parties. Packing for Vegas is torture. I see many FB status updates from people who share my woes.

I mean let’s not forget, I barely have time to wear makeup or heels in my real life, now I have to do it for 7 days in a row??

Sometimes being a woman is hard work.

I have some items that make me feel super girly that I never leave the house without. I thought it might be fun to share those with you today to inspire your packing mission.

First, I am obsessed with this mascara. No matter how tired or pressed for time you are, a little mascara goes a long way.


Still working with the makeup theme, I love packing eye shadow palettes. This is the best way to get the most variety without taking up too much room in the suitcase.

Of course Urban Decay Naked palettes are my favorite (if for nothing else based on the name alone). The new Naked 3 is my favorite these days.


Next is a comfy and sexy heel that matches everything. Neutral is the key. I bought these over the winter and they have gone with me on every business trip since. They are the Sam Edelman ‘Alva’.


It’s so hard for me to decide today what I want to wear next week, so I have a few staples that I know look good, travel well and are classic. Wrap dresses are great. I also have a little black dress I love that is perfect for any party or fancy dinner.

DVF makes amazing wrap dresses. Some are pretty vibrant and busy, but she also makes very simple solid color dresses as well.


PS… always make sure to roll the dress then put it in your suitcase. It avoids wrinkling that way.

Now it’s YOUR turn!! What is your favorite packing tip? Something that makes you feel girly? A special item you bring on trips with you. Anything you want to share!

My favorite tip posted by Feb 26th gets a FREE copy of my 8 points of posing PDF!



  • Lindsay Wynne - I always bring jewelry that can help take a day look to a night look.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - I make sure to pack coconut oil and Park Soap soap when I travel! :) ReplyCancel

  • Kim - My favorite that I can’t leave without is l’occitane almond oil. I use on my legs everytime I shave. It makes my legs for sooo soft!!ReplyCancel

  • lisa white - Several different sets of jewellery to dress clothing sets up or down, and it looks like you have several outfits too!! Have fun at WPPI, I couldn’t get there this year. LxReplyCancel

  • Anne Bingham - Always pack your essentials, extra undergarments and at least one complete outfit in your carry on. Just in case the airline loses your luggage. I learned this the hard way.
    I never leave home without mascara. It makes me feel put together. Have you tried They’re Real by Benefit? It’s the bomb!ReplyCancel

  • Kalei - Definitely pack wet wipes on any trips! They are great for freshening up, getting stains off of clothes, wiping off a dirty bench seat/table and cleaning your hands if you touch something gross on accident.ReplyCancel

  • Kim - A girl can’t leave home without her accessories that help get/keep her in the mood. A little pocket bullet toy alway helps jump start the evening romance. Don’t leave home without it.ReplyCancel

  • Juliana - Here are some of my maybe not so sexy tips but it might help you :)

    First aid kit including bandaid (for those sexy heels), Aleve, and lots of 5 hour energy drinks. Make sure to bring a denim jacket or something that would warm you up on those a/c rooms. Cute comfortable flats for the day so you can rock those heels at night! Lots of accessories! A large bag so you can put it all from the expo room without having to carry those terrible plastic bags they hand out. Make sure to carry on your purse your phone charger since you are out all day! Acetone and clear nail polish in case your awesome red nail polish start to chip and that bother you. Cotton balls, q tips, nail files and shower caps… not every hotel room is providing those anymore. I could go on and on… LOL Hope to see you all at WWPI! Safe travels :) ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - Lipstick! I hardly ever wear lipstick in general, but something about traveling makes me want to add lipstick to my daily makeup routine! And a really good book that I have been wanting to read but have not had time!ReplyCancel

  • Cecilia - A lil’ bottle “Perfume” on your purse , You will be a couple hours between class before you can comeback to your room. So many new friends “There is only one chance to make a good first impression”ReplyCancel

  • Shana - Sexy Underwear and Bras.

    Granted I am a bigger girl, but I’ve finally lost enough weight to be able to fit into Victoria’s Secret Underwear (their bras too with an adjuster). But I’ve replaced my entire undie collection with VS undies and I tell you it goes a LONG way!!!

    Even when I wake up feeling like a busted can of biscuits, I shower and put on a pair of delicious undies…and my entire day is transformed. Even though the world can’t see it, I know how I feel underneath it all. Just saying…it’s kind of an amazeballs feeling and I go nowhere without them (obviously!)ReplyCancel

  • Carol - I always bring a bit of dark chocolate–enough for me and to share with someone special. It can set a romantic mood and make me feel very girly and feminine.ReplyCancel

  • Kinzie - I always bring along my cutest bra and underwear in case I need to have a spontaneous dance party in my hotel room (who are we kidding — I ALWAYS need to have spontaneous dance parties!!).ReplyCancel

  • LS - Rolling is great for your clothing while in your case however remember to hang them up as soon as you get to the hotel allowing any wrinkles to fall out or at least lessen.ReplyCancel

  • amber tyler - I always take cute/ sexy pajamas, my Naked 2 pallet, and a good selection of shoes!ReplyCancel

  • Tara - I cannot live without my SUN sunless tanning spray . And mascara def need my mascaraReplyCancel

  • Pamela Anderson - J’Adore Voil Perfume & a HUGE bag of Peanut M&MsReplyCancel

  • Kathy - I always pack too much (!), but I’d say visine (for red airplane & late night eyes), raw almonds & EmergenC to keep you healthy!ReplyCancel

NY Boudoir Photography | Posing DVD Coming Soon!

I get an email at least once a week from a photographer asking if they can sit in on a shoot I do or asking for posing help. Although I don’t invite others to sit in on my shoots, I finally figured out how to bring the shoot to you!!

In this Posing DVD I will give you an inside look on how I work with women to pose them, relax them and give them a great experience. Click play for a little sneak peek.

Want to pre-order?

Click below!



NYC Boudoir Photographer | The Best Week of Your Life aka WPPI

Photographers, can you feel that excitement in the air? Do you see all the posts about it on social media? Are you working on your alcohol tolerance?

That’s right… WPPI is around the corner!!!

So what IS WPPI you ask? Here’s how it is described on their website:

About the Show

WPPI Conference+Expo is the premier industry event for photographers and filmmakers specializing in the creative and business aspects of wedding and portrait photography and filmmaking. Each year, nearly 13,000 professional and aspiring photographers and filmmakers attend WPPI to learn new techniques from industry leaders, build new relationships to grow their business, experience new products and solutions from major manufacturers to improve their productivity, and enjoy the many attractions in Las Vegas. WPPI is a week-long event combining educational seminars with a major industry trade show and networking events, all designed around learning the latest techniques, building new relationships and growing a business in a friendly, fun environment – all at one time, in one place.

• Learn superior technical skills and new shooting styles
• Build new relationships to grow your business
• Experience new products and solutions from major manufacturers
• Discover competitive and affordable ways to grow your business
• Meet some of the world’s finest photographic instructors
• Make an investment in yourself and your future

The WPPI 2014 Conference + Expo, will take place on February 27- March 6, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

All of that is true! WPPI is the perfect example of an experience in which you get out of it what you put into it. This will be my third time at WPPI, so I figured I could shed a little light on HOW to make the most of this incredible event.

My first suggestion is decide what you want to walk away from the show with. Is it business education, lighting, shooting, networking, hands on classes? It’s very easy to get off track with all the amazing events happening there. I always like to go in with a plan.

Some classes at WPPI you must preregister for. Some examples of those are WPPIU, Master Classes and Plus Classes. Some, you can preregister for but can also attend the class as you would like (if there is room), such as a platform class. If you want to see what the difference between all the classes and what they have to offer you can find the descriptions here: CLASS DESCRIPTION

I personally love the intimate nature of the Master Classes. Hands on classes are also invaluable. I will be teaching a WPPIU class on Boudoir as a matter of fact. I love working with photographers in a hands on setting. There is no better way to really see how a photographer works and get feedback on what you are doing right as well as what you can improve on.

In addition to the classes there is a 3-day Expo in which you can meet with different vendors, see their products and meet face to face with all those wonderful people you email with all year.

It’s so important to make use of your time at the Expo. I often see people wandering around aimlessly looking for something to strike them. Although that may be understandable on day 3, after you think you have seen it all already, I do suggest to really use your time at the Expo wisely.

This year, there are a few booths I don’t want to miss. My plan is to start at WHCC to see the new album that uses Premium Lustre paper I have heard so much about. I can’t wait to see the beautiful colors in the prints.

After that I will head to Sigma (booth #521). They have some amazing new lenses including the 24-105mm. I also hope to catch a peek of the new Sigma 50mm and see how it feels on my camera.

At Westcott, I will play with some of the new Ice Light toys (and I am told there will hopefully be some fun new surprises at the booth this year. It’s so top secret they won’t even tell me!)

If you stop by the Animoto booth, you will catch a new style they are releasing at WPPI designed with help from yours truly! (Plus music to go with it from my play list with Triple Scoop Music.)

If you think you are too busy editing to go to WPPI, I can solve that problem for you. Just see my friends at Shoot dot Edit, give them the work and you come to Vegas and have fun!

When I visit the different booths, I take pictures and make notes so I can remember what I saw. I meet the customer service people that I drive crazy all the time and I thank them. Also there are plenty of specials to check out there as well. The expo is not a place to be shy. It’s fantastic for networking and connecting with other photographers and vendors alike.

I will also be checking out the judging of the Image Competition. It’s an incredible chance to learn what makes a really successful image in the eyes of many well respected professionals.

Ok so let’s get into some other really helpful tips that are going to help you get through your time at Vegas.

First, find a roomie! There are so many amazing photographers headed to Vegas. It’s very easy to find someone fun and trustworthy to share you hotel room with. Trust me, you won’t be in your room that often so the money will be better spent elsewhere.

Things to bring with you: Lip Balm, gum, refillable water bottles (drinks there – even without alcohol – can get pricey) and Snacks.

In fact you don’t have to bring snacks with you. I have heard of people getting a room at the MGM Signature with a mini kitchen. Then they order food to be delivered from Vons. What a great idea to save money and try to stay healthy.

Let’s talk about clothing. One word: Layers. The expo hall can be warm while the classrooms cold. The hallway in between could go either way. Days are warm and nights are cool. The more options you have the better. A cardigan and a light scarf can go a long way.

Be nice to your feet. Get comfy shoes. I am always sure I can strut around in my heels for days with no problems, but I fail every time. I usually end up in my flip-flops by day 2. Hurting feet lead to less fun.

Bring lots of business cards and carry them on you. Also bring a card case in which you can put the cards in that you collect from others, this way you don’t misplace them. Large bags can get really heavy when carrying them around for long periods of time, so keep that in mind as well.

There are a lot of great FB groups dedicated to WPPI with more tips and tricks. Check those out ahead of time. It’s great to connect with fellow photographers before you go as well.

There are so many speakers and teachers at WPPI that deserve your attention. If you are interested in checking out my classes in addition to WPPIU, you can check me out here:


and here


I dare you to join me in Vegas!



  • Elizabeth Fox - Thank you for the great tips Jen ! I can’t wait!ReplyCancel

NYC Boudoir Photographer | Don’t Worry… I am Fearless!

A few months ago I received a Facebook message from a photografriend of mine. She told me that one of her previous bridal clients had a boudoir shoot booked with a pin-up photographer. This client asked my friend if she had any tips to calm her nerves and help her prepare. So my friend asked me if I had a blog post she could point her client to. One that spoke about confidence and shaking those pesky nerves.

She was surprised when I said I didn’t. “Why not?”, she asked!!

I explained to her that it is very simple. When my clients come and see me, I don’t mind that they have nerves. In fact, they SHOULD have butterflies. They are doing something daring and out of their comfort zone. I love that. Taking chances is how we learn and grow. It’s an opportunity for change. It’s exciting!! I can’t think of any time in my life I have done something exciting and not felt nerves.

On the flip side, when a client comes to see me, I am not nervous. I am the fearless one in the relationship with my client. I allow them the opportunity to be nervous because I am not. It doesn’t make a difference if they have a few pounds to lose, stretch marks, blemishes, scars, thinning hair, muffin tops or anything else you can think of.

I am not scared of any of it. Nothing a client can bring me will be a hurdle for me to show them their true beauty and worth. It will not stop me from allowing them to escape these plagues that they carry around like a load of bricks every day.

It is my hope that after I am fearless and take a stand for my client that she will no longer be plagued by her imperfections, but accepting of them as her own. She will recognize that she is absolutely feminine and powerful not just in spite of the imperfections, but also because of them.

I ask my clients to walk in and be daring, and in turn my promise is to be fearless. When my clients leave, they often feel more fearless, and in turn it makes me more daring.

What a beautiful relationship.