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NY Boudoir Photographer | All Men are Perverts

You heard me right. All men are perverts.

At least that is what I am starting to believe that is what the world perceives. Don’t believe me? Recently I was a guest on the Dr. Drew show where we discussed a teacher who gave a “Nude” final. (Check out the full story here.)

They asked me to be a guest since I am clearly comfortable with nudity, the art of the human body and of course I offered a different opinion than those on the panel. I thought we were going to talk about nudity not being shameful, but what actually occurred surprised even me! Take a peek at the clip below:



Did you read the article? Did you see the part where no true nudity had to take place to pass the class? That every students definition of nudity might be different? I myself have photographed women without makeup on, fully clothed, that felt more naked than if they were in their underwear.  Nudity isn’t always about being naked.

Did you read the part about the sexual monster, the PERVERT that teaches the class? No, you didn’t. Because he isn’t one.

Not only did the panel (in my opinion) shame the women that were participating in the class (after all I am not sure there were strippers in the class, and if there were…??), but they shamed men too!

If you are a male boudoir photographer, take notice of this! Am I saying you can’t be a boudoir photographer, NO! I am saying however that you might find the same reaction from people when you tell them what you do.

Now, I am not a man of course… but I do have some advice from a woman to all male photographers out there to help you overcome this challenge.

1. Don’t be a pervert. Duh! Sounds obvious but you would be surprised what I hear from men in workshops I teach. Use proper words (Try bum or tush instead of ass.) Give appropriate compliments, and keep your hands off. Be respectful and gentlemanly – with a little edge. You are the photographer – she wants to hear a compliment from you, just make sure you aren’t “that guy”.

2. You have a gift women photographers DON’T have. You can see women through the eye of a man. I can’t. It sucks. I have tried over and over again but I just can’t. Use it to your advantage.

3. If a client has booked you, she already trusts you. Don’t let being a man get in the way of that trust. It’s no longer a hurdle.

4. Think about having a female assistant. You may like this idea, you may not… but just think about it. Also – I probably wouldn’t serve alcohol if it is just the two of you (but I don’t like serving alcohol anyway).

5. Have clients sign a consent agreement that says they are over 18 and they consent to having their photo taken. (Please see a lawyer in your area for this paperwork.)

6. Men are some of the best photographers I know. Keep proving the doubters wrong.

Men (and women) out there – post your best tips below to help men overcome the challenges that they face in society today.



  • Mark - Always have a female assistant…whether it is your wife or girlfriend, another photographer who happens to be a female, or a female intern. Boudoir is usually booked for a fiance’ or just to show what she looks like so she can remember when she is older. It is a beautiful thing….Totally agree with Jen!ReplyCancel

  • Tim Duquette - I just shot a client a couple weeks ago that told me a few things that I found helpful. On Facebook and your website, post as many reviews & testimonials as possible. She told me she read everything that everyone else wrote days before contacting me. My standard way of booking also includes a personal consult/introduction in a public place (Starbucks)so we can get a feel for each other. The combination of what she read and what she seen in person made her feel confident and safe enough to book.ReplyCancel

  • Sherman Orendorf - I always keep everything up beat and have a friend conversation going… no weird your so hot comments….. and i never touch a client/model ever!!!! so far everyone is having fun and nobody gives a crap that im a guy and short fat and balding they just want awesome pictures and a good experience doing it:-))

    great article by the way… i think its the general public that has the bad idea that guys are all pervs…. I try to change that perspective one client at a time;-)ReplyCancel

  • steven spaulding - I can’t say i’ve ever had an issue with this, but then again i’m not a pervert. I’m in it to create good work and to reinforce that my clients are beautiful people inside and out.

    what i have had a problem with is dating, I don’t look to date any clients (they are hands off) or even others in the industry, but as soon as i find someone that i like and they find out i’m a photographer they automatically assume i sleep with everyone.

    so i’ve decided not to date and just work on building up my busiess 😀ReplyCancel

  • Diana MacDougall - I STRONGLY suggest female assistants. After all, male doctors have them. Too many things can be misconstrued, and if you are alone, there are no witnesses to protect you. It shouldn’t even be a thought, in terms of protection all the way around.

    I had a very bad situation happen to me alone with a male “professional”. Never again.ReplyCancel

  • Marc - Jen, you know me as a tech rep. When I work with female clients I always work in conversation about my family, my wife, my girls. I talk about my oldest who wants to go into art therapy and is starting to build a portfolio. I show them that they can trust me and that we are there for them to achieve images that they want to have and share. It has proven well over time and I can honestly say it has helped clients relax and have a positive experience with a male photographer.ReplyCancel

  • Al Wright - Male doctors have female assistants because most medical assistants are female. Duh. I had to go to my doctor’s office recently for a very personal problem, and the only doctor available to see me was a woman. Did she have a male assistant? No. I don’t do much boudoir nowadays, I’m more into glamor, but in the past I did quite a lot of it, and never had a problem photographing scantily clad or nude women by myself. I always had a consult first, and have a studio I shoot in instead of a hotel room or a home. Do what’s right for you and your business, but please stop this gender-bias crap!ReplyCancel

    • Mark G - Al – I must respectfully disagree with your final statement. This isn’t gender-bias crap. This is an ongoing, real world problem for women in a biased world full of jackass men who seem to think it is their God-given right to harass, abuse, and worse to any woman they see. As a proud father of daughters, I am all for doing whatever it takes to make the client/model comfortable. In the litigious U.S., I am all for taking reasonable steps to protect myself as well, so having someone with me while shooting is a great idea.ReplyCancel

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  • Lauren - I would like to just chime in here… I went to college in New York, and although it wasn’t an art school, I was studying Digital Art and Design, and had to take foundations my first year. One of the classes in the foundations course was figure drawing. At the end of foundations, we had to draw ourselves, life sized and naked. When everyone brought their drawings in, NO ONE had a full frontal, NO ONE showed any private parts. It was very tasteful, and everyone portrayed themselves, naked. It was nice to see how everyone saw themselves naked, and how everyone understood this was about portraying yourself, and not being dirty. I think the class is fine, and I think what the professor was requiring is fine. The parents, are overreacting. Also, these are not “kids” they are adults who are furthering their education. I hate how we are now all of a sudden in this padded wall world where these things are looked down upon. Thanks for sharing this, Jen!ReplyCancel

  • Daniel Whitaker - I spend a lot of time listening to model’s stories. Those are eye opening. Listening to clients can help too.ReplyCancel

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  • Rafael Maduro - I’m just starting in Boudoir photography, i had researched a lot and this is what i came as a workflow, i partner with an renown makeup artist, she is just wonderful and i’m taking full advantage of her well known reputation, people already know me from corporate cinematography but i wanted to do photography as well and decided to challenge myself, to bring the stories with the photos as well as i did with my documentaries. i found very disrespectful to be touching a model, client, that’s why your female assistant or the make up artist (female in this case) is there for, i just don’t think about any great deal of them naked or in lingerie, their eyes, and gestures tell the story and i just try to capture that, the model release is mandatory and i don’t like to share their photos since i live in a small island, so my clients rather want all their photos to be as private as possible and i just respect that, i was thinking to hire a model for public portfolio what are you thoughts on that guys?ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan - Totally agree with you, the problem is in the eye of the person judging the art.ReplyCancel

  • Joe Tharp - Great advice for male photographers. Always treat your clients with respect and make it a fun experience for them. Ladies deserve to be pampered.ReplyCancel

  • Mike - I agree with everyone who says have an assistant, I would like to add don’t be afraid of your client bringing a friend with them. Make it a “girls” day out. While you are shooting your client they can watch or even get hair and make up done. Regardless, the friend will help client feel more relaxed which leads to a better session.ReplyCancel

  • Jameel - I know some men are like that. But, I am not one. I take a very professional approach. When I do an boudoir or nude shoot I have aonther woman present. I want my client to feel very comfortable and relex. It makes the shoot so much easier. All women have the parts. Some just have different height, shade, shape, etc……ReplyCancel

  • Garth VG - There is so much wrong with this I don’t know where to start. I’m not going to rehash the obvious: elective class; tenured professor; etc.

    First off why is everyone, except the host, yelling? Apparently the more you yell, the more of an authority, on any subject, you are. I’m guessing it’s like being in France, not able to speak french, and you figure the louder you speak english the sooner they’ll get what your saying.

    Second, I am dumbfounded at how fast the conversation escalated from being a pervert to sexual predator. It’s been my experience that the level of vitriol coming from someone, is directly proportional to how much they have to hide or the level of angst they are feeling.

    Third, the problem with the boys(and I use that word on purpose) is that they still have a frat-boy mentally well into their 30’s. They are not taught manners, self respect, or class. And the same can be said of “girls” as well.

    I’ve been shooting nudes, boudoir, and models in various stages of dis-robe for more than 10 years. I have had nothing but complements. I’ve earned their trust and they have all remained friends. My approach has always been…you’re not here to get laid. You’re here to have the best damn pictures taken of you at this time of your life and I am here for you.

    I have recently moved to upstate New York and I am about to open a boudoir studio here in the Saratoga Springs area. It still amazes me when I talk to people and tell them what I do that they get giggly as a school child. I take it in stride and set the record straight, if you will, about what boudoir is and isn’t. And yes, the stigma of the male photographer is alive and well.ReplyCancel

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